Wednesday, March 2, 2011


....just gets in the way sometimes!!
I haven't really been doing too much lately, but I feel like I have been super busy! I've been focusing on being a good homemaker and getting things done around the house. We finally built the storage shed we bought in January for the backyard, which means that we were able to rid the house of the unnecessary clutter and I have been able to work on organizing and getting things in their proper place. I must confess that I am not the most organized person, so it is a little bit challenging for me!
Brooklynn, of course, continues to keep me busy as well. She really hasn't slowed down at all, and I don't know that she ever will! She toddles around the house all day and loves to follow me around, she is definitely a mama's girl. She loves to walk on her own when we go to the store and recently has found it funny to run away from me! I finally put away all of her 3 month clothes, she could still fit in a lot of the 3 month onsies but I decided that they had had their wear and it was time to bring out some new clothes!
This is what I see most mornings when I go get her!
All smiles and standing up waiting for me!
She's been a little cranky as of late because she's been working on tooth #3. She has her 2 bottom central incisors (one that is still not fully out) and her top lateral lateral incisor is just coming in.
She's started waving, but is pretty stingy in giving them out. She will pretty much always wave at my dad though!
Ok, so she's not waving, but she has some pretty awesome nap hair!!
She has an activity cart that my parents got her that has a shape sorter as one of the sides and she loves to push the shapes in if I place them in the hole. And she is starting to show signs of wanting to put them in the hole herself. She loves to unstack her rings and is close to putting them back on the pole.
I'm such a good walker that I can pull my cart backwards!
She loves to open and close things: doors, cupboards, drawers, which has resulted in a few pinched fingers! She is even starting to figure out how to open the pocket door to the kitchen and can open the drawer under the oven. We finally put child latches on the kitchen cupboards so now she can't pull out things I don't want her to! 

She has really gotten into books the past few weeks and will carry them around the house with her. Most of the time she just wants to turn the pages and doesn't care too much about reading the story, but occasionally we get to read a whole book! And of course she likes to eat them.
and sometimes kiss them!
Reading with P-Pa
She is a pretty good eater and eats pretty much whatever we are eating. She loves cheerios, waffles, pancakes, pasta, bread, cheese, goldfish crackers, club crackers, and yogurt. She is off and on with bananas, sweet potato, butternut squash, and yellow potatoes (all which she used to eat voraciously). Usually she eats her fruits/veggies better if I give them to her before I give her carbs! She is a little frustrating when it comes to eating because she will gobble something up one day and wont really touch it the next.!

The best thing about my almost 9 month old? She has started to be a little cuddle bug! She will run into my arms for a hug if I open them up when I am sitting on the floor. She will even spend time sitting on my lap and letting me love on her. 
Kisses for Mommy!!
I can't believe she is going to be 9 months on Monday!!!

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