Wednesday, March 9, 2011


....of a 9 month old baby girl.
(First of all, 9 months?!?! Holy Cow! It is so hard to believe that she has been out almost as long as she was in. Is it really possible that we will be celebrating her first birthday in just 3 months?
How cute is this 9 month old?!?!
On to the confessions:

Brooklynn loves to "eat" her diapers. She will often take off with the clean diaper when I am trying to change her, which means that she gets a diaper covered in slobber (on the outside) on her bum. But the real confession is that she will even take her dirty diaper and gnaw on it as well. I know, GROSS! So last week I started teaching her how to throw away her diaper. It started with me carrying her to the trash can and taking the diaper out of her hands and dropping it in. I am proud to say that she will now go to the trash can when I ask her where her yuckers go and will drop the diaper in or wait for me to pick her up so she can drop it in. She is also very proud of herself and claps everytime she throws one away. 
On the move!
Speaking of clapping, Brooklynn is clapping all the time now. She first clapped the beginning of last month and then took a hiatus for about 3 weeks. She decided last week that it was time to bring back the clapping. She claps for herself whenever we tell her "good girl," she claps when she hears people cheering/clapping on tv, and she claps at random moments for reasons only she knows. And we love it!

Brooklynn is also now a waving queen. She waves "hi" and "bye" almost on demand. It is so funny to see her waving to Ellen DeGeneres when she first comes out on her show.
One thing that I have been forgetting to mention is Brooklynn's fear of the vacuum. She is terrified! She didn't show any fear of the vacuum until like mid-January, in fact when we moved Brooklynn was crawling around and chasing the vacuum. Now she absolutely hates it. Sometimes when I get the vacuum out she runs from it before it is even on. She cries when I turn it on if I am not holding her and if I am holding her she whimpers and will either climb up my shoulder or bury her head in my shoulder. I've even tried to vacuum while she is sleeping and she wakes up screaming bloody murder (but she'll sleep through most everything else). She is handling it a little better the last few times I've vacuumed, so hopefully she'll grow out of it!

Brooklynn is pretty funny when she wants my attention and she is not getting it. She will get right in my face and smile at me, and sometimes I get a kiss.

She is now working on growing some fangs! That's right her top lateral incisors are both coming in now! She is getting better at letting me look at her teeth and will let me pull her upper lip back when I ask to see her teeth.
Little stinker figured out how to open her dresser drawers.

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  1. Cute, Cute, CUTE!!! Love that little girl. Anytime Sophie sees a picture of a baby she says it's baby Brooklynn.