Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Confidence Abounds

Brooklynn is getting more and more confident each day. She is so sure of herself and her movements. I love it. Even though I don't love that my "baby" was prematurely ripped from my arms. Is it wrong to tie her up so that can't get anymore independant? But I really do enjoy watching her each day as she explores and learns. She absolutely LOVES exploring her surroundings and testing her limits. 
She is starting to show an avid skill for climbing. She will climb anything that is ground level, or use anything ground level to climb onto something higher. She is also starting to figure out to get off of the things she climbs without falling on her face (which she has done a number of times). If the object she climbed was small she will get on her hunches and put her hands on the ground and walk herself off that way. Pretty smart cookie! If I am sitting indian style by the couch she will climb into my lap and then get up on my knee and use that as a step stool to get herself on the couch. Once there she loves to run back and forth and go right to the edge of the chaise and peer over and then she will just step off! For the past few weeks we have pretty much kept a hand in hers to help her "jump" off, but now she will just step off and she is getting pretty good at landing on her feet.
Walking across the couch
A little help from Daddy as she dove off the
couch! This little one has no fear!
Up she goes...
oops, now my leg is stuck!
We let her enjoy some "naker" time in the evening before bed. It's amazing how happy she gets when we remove some clothes! And she loves to be a part in the removing of her clothes. I will usually unsnap her onesie and take one of her arms out and she does the rest. It's pretty funny to watch because as she's pulling the onesie over her head she is stumbling around until she is able to get it off her head. After which she enjoys carrying her clothes around for awhile.
She is super amazing at opening drawers, including the drawer under the oven, and doors. She is even starting to figure out how to open the pocket door that leads to the kitchen. Pretty soon we won't be able to keep her out of anything! 
She continues to love books and will bring them to me periodically throughout the day to read. I use the term "read" loosely because she really just wants you to hold the book while she turns the pages.
She loves the remote and will point it at the TV and push buttons. Usually it's pointed the wrong way and she looks at me wondering why nothing is happening.

I love watching her figure things out and enjoy how smart she is getting each day. The other day I hid something from her under a couch pillow. I didn't think that she saw me do it, but not even 30 seconds later she was climbing over my lap to reach under the pillow. It used to be "out of sight, out of mind." I took the same thing from her and put it in a different place and when she realized it was gone she went back to the pillow and was a little upset that she didn't find it there.

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