Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So we have been in our Condo since the middle of November (well Eric has been here since October) and I finally have one wall decorated. My Aunt and Uncle gave us some beautiful framed pictures that my uncle took in Italy and those became the focus of our "dining room" decor. I bought some shelves at the after Christmas sales and we (meaning mostly Eric) finally got them up in our living a few weeks ago. Our living room and dining room share one long wall and once we had the wall decorations up in both rooms we had a big empty space in between. I was at Ross 2 weeks ago and found a beautiful round candle sconce that was just perfect (and the price was pretty nice as well)!! So viola! My wall is decorated!

I don't think these pictures really do justice to my beautiful wall,but Jennie has been begging me for some pictures. So here we go....

So, this is the entire wall living room - dining room wall (and our bookcase that looks kind of messy, but it really isn't!)

Here is a long shot of the dining room with the round space filler sconce.

And here are the beautiful pictures from my uncle. They are pictures of some gorgeous Italian windows. We got the clock for our weddng as well and thought it would look nice with the pictures. I wanted something to finish off the wall, so we bought some sconces at Wal-Mart.

Here is a long shot of the living room wall and our lovely couch. (I am going to recover the pillows with my mom's help....hopefully we can get that done soon).

And a close up of our shelves. The pictures are some of our favorite engagement pictures and the ones that sat on our guest book table at our wedding reception.

Now I just have to work on the wall opposite the dining room wall......


  1. Love the way that you set things up. I will have to come and see it in person. I think that we are coming in July. I would love to see some of your wedding photos on the blog too!

  2. Yeah, yeah, yeah! You are so demanding!! We just barely got our pictures off my parents computer, we were waiting for edited pictures but decided to work with what we have until we get those.....