Wednesday, February 11, 2009

No power :-(

So...I was sitting on the couch this morning working on homework and filling out a job application and all of a sudden the power goes out! I remembered that last week we had a notice on our door that told us our power would be out for maintenance or something, but it didn't have a date or time on it. I had meant to call about it, but misplaced the notice and so therefore misplaced it out of my mind. Anyways....I didn't think it would be for very long so I just curled up some more in my blanket and continued to work on homework. It got to be around 12:00 (the power went out at 9:50) and I was with no power and nothing in the house except chips and granola bars that can be eaten without being heated up I ate cold leftovers! Not so yummy. Around 2:00 Eric called to check up on me and since the power was still out he called the power company. Well, the automated system said the power should be back up around 6:00! It was already cold in the house so I decided it was time to go run errands with Eric's sister and then hang out with her where it was warm! I got home about 6:15 and still no power! Eric was working late and so we met for dinner at got home about 20 minutes ago....and as we were coming around the corner to our condo the power came on! Good timing for us! Not so much for the power company!
11 hours later we have our power (and our heat) back on!! Good thing it wasn't too cold today!

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